Jackpot Liechtenstein

Our diverse range of linked jackpots offers you the opportunity to collect the big win on your favourite machine. Almost all of our machines are linked to several slots that pay into one pot. Our two self-developed jackpot systems „Wheel Jackpot“ and „Buffalo Trail“ offer you pure excitement and breathtaking graphics. The LV Jackpot stretches across the entire casino Liechtenstein and includes around 100 slot machines. In addition, we offer you other well-known jackpots from renowned providers. Are you the next lucky winner?

Mega Jackpott
Mega Jackpott
Mega Jackpott
BlackJack LVCasino


Buffalo Trail Jackpot - The exclusive jackpot of the BeeFee Slots.

From five gold coins, you're in.

Win free spins and crack the pot.

Mini, Minor, Major or Grand.

BeeFee exclusively presents Buffalo Jackpot.



Cash Connection Jackpot.

Play with the Charming Lady.

Each ball extends your free spin.

Luck decides - Mini, Minor, Major or Grand?

Cash Connection Jackpot - The prize money is waiting for you.



EGT Jackpot Cards - chance decides who gets the deck.

Spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs determine your luck.

The suit leads you to the win.

EGT Cards Jackpot - Play along.

How do jackpots work?

First off, jackpots are available on new games that are predominantly slot machines, so Blackjack, Roulette and other card games are excluded from the list. The maximum amount that can be claimed is infinite, depending on the mechanics and rules of the jackpot. One could say that jackpot slots are similar to how the lottery is. Landing a winning combination that would trigger a cash connection in a grand casino.

In some jackpot slots, the size of the bet or spins can affect the chances of winning the jackpots, as there might be different tiers to the jackpot prize. If you ever played on such games, one would know that the stakes might need to increase for a chance to get your hand on an unworldly profit. Once a jackpot is claimed, the bank will reset to zero and there will be a time when this feature won't be available until it, fills up again.

How do progressive jackpots work?

A progressive jackpot is a large sum of money that is connected to multiple slot machines or other gambling games. The jackpot grows larger as more people play the games, and it can reach millions of dollars in some cases.

A small percentage of each bet placed on linked slot machines or other games is added to a central jackpot pool. This means the jackpot grows larger with each wager, making it more attractive to players.

The jackpot is typically triggered when a player wins a specific combination of symbols or meets certain betting criteria. Once the jackpot is triggered, the player who triggered it will be awarded the entire jackpot amount.

There are two main types of progressive jackpots: local and networked.